"I must say that you and your staff did an outstanding job with the summer show!! I thought it was a tremendous success. We have 4 bookings and 1 that we will know about in a few days. Please count us in for next summer too!! We deeply appreciate all that you and your staff do and are thankful that we are a part of Premier Bride of Mississippi!!"

-Mississippi PhotoBooths


Just wanted to let you know that the Summer Show was the best one yet!  It was well set-up and we really enjoyed the smaller setting with the brides.  Plus, we loved being able to be by the front door when the brides entered the show hall!

Thanks again for a great show.  I know it's a lot of hard work.

-That Special Touch


"Wow!  That was a very fast turn-around on the bride leads!  I expected it to take about 2 weeks, so this is phenomenal!  But the truth is, I've been impressed with every single person I've met at Premier Bride starting with the vendor blender back in May. Thank you Lynda & Johnelle for hosting this event and for making me feel at home as a first-timer with Premier Brides.  This was a tremendous experience for Marty Ratcliff Photography and I'm looking forward to many more shows. We've already started compiling a "lessons learned" list to help us with the January show.

Thanks again for your professionalism and for your hospitality -- and an awesome bridal show!"

-Marty Ratcliff Photography


"I just wanted to let you know (from the January Show) we have completed 17 cake tastings as of this morning and we booked all 17 brides! From the August Show, we have already been a part of 10 weddings."

-Torta Dolce Bakery


"The Premier Bridal Show in Tupelo was the first show I had participated in. I was so pleased with the results. The show was planned very well and the customer service from Premier Bride was extremely helpful. I participated in the online training session and every question I had was answered either online or by email.

The show was more than I could have asked for. I was successful in booking one wedding at the show and two after the show. I had such a great response from all the brides! Within days of the show, I received a lead list from Premier Bride. Because I received the list so quickly, I was able to send some mass emails to all the girls while I was fresh on their minds.

I was very pleased with the results that Premier Bride of Mississippi delivered and I look forward to participating in the next show."

-Taylor Square Photography


"It was a great show. We were very excited with the number of prospective brides we saw. Both Belk Northpark and Flowood will benefit from the contracts we made! I look forward to getting a list of leads and we appreciate the opportunity to attend the event."



"The Biloxi Summer Show 2015 has proven as to be a great investment. We had seen several appointment bookings and visits from possible brides in the shop. We always look forward to each show and meeting these fabulous brides!"

-Flowers Forever and Gifts